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What is Jax?

Jax offers students a welcoming space to connect and collaborate with both their peers and the campus community.

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One app to connect with your friends and campus

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Targeted based
chat rooms

With just one click, you can
instantly connect with your entire school.

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whoever, whenever

Seamless connectivity, enabling you to connect with anyone, anywhere, at any time, about anything.

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Be one-click away from your entire campus

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Never miss an important announcement again

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Read other student's stories and news

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Find tutors and build educational relationships

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Create exclusive groups to chat with friends

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at home, be comfortable

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Stay updated on sports scores

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Find your next roommate

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Add friends and learn more about them

Create your online campus with Jax

Students can establish a presence on campus by connecting with others online.

Frequently Asked

When does Jax plan on launching?
What is the process for removing our college from the waitlist?
Can I connect and interact with students from other colleges on Jax?
Will students studying abroad be able to connect with main campus students?
Will Jax be available on all devices?

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